Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Objective

At least twice a week, I think: "I'm going to write [insert company name here.]"

I appreciate good customer service and I know when I get it -- and when I don't. As a valued customer though, I think it's my responsibility to share my experiences -- good and bad -- with companies. 

In the last two months, I have had experiences so frustrating that I did reach out to a retailer and a restaurant. What frustrated me even more though, was the volume of their silence. So I wanted to cast my net out wider and share my experiences with not only the letter recipient and my friends and family, but anyone who stumbles upon this blog. 

So I have decided to challenge myself and to write a letter each week to a company, restaurant, author, anyone to express my feelings. Broadly, these letters could be about a positive or negative experience, a thank you or just general feedback. But they will all be about personal experiences and real situations.

It is my hope that I do get some response -- which I will share here -- but also that others might be inspired to write their own letters. After all, feedback is how things improve and sometimes, it's just nice to know you're doing a good job!

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